PartnerShip Opportunity

We are looking for the following partnerships.

Drop-Off & Pickup Partnership

1. You are a small business owner with a store.
2. You have someone onsite to receive goods during business hours.
3. You have a computer or mobile phone to register the drop-offs.
4. You store don't have super busy traffic.
5. You have a locked space to store items.
6. You are in Vancouver, Richmod, Delta, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westerminster, Port Coquitlam, Surrey.

Benefits: You make handling fees in addition to your business income.

Technician Partnership

Are you a computer geek? Do you like to dissemble and assemble machines or devices? Are you a hand-on person? Are you in Canada? You can join us as a CA-PC-FIX partner. We are growing our service network in Canada to cover more cities. CA-PC-FIX will provide necessary resource to support our partners. Send us (support[at] your resume so we can understand you in more detail.(note: This is not a job opening. You make income by serving customer's needs)

Backup IT Service Partnership

Are you a business that sell good or run office in Great Vancouver area? Do you have your own IT staff but you don't have a backup of your IT staff? We can be your partner and stand behind your IT team as the backup IT team. When your IT staff is on vacation or you need extra hands, we will service your computer, network and server and end users.