Remote Fix 1st Remote Computer Repair Services

Remote Fix 1st Remote Computer Repair Services

Before you request onsite service, please always consider a faster, reliable remote fix 1st service. Do you know that 80% of computer problems or solutions can be solved by remote fix service. Most big companies like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware are using remote assistant as the primary support method. There are some benefits to use this service: faster, lower cost, everything is done in front of your eyes. There is no fee if the problem cannot be solved.

How does that work?

An agent software needs to be installed or run before a technician can remotely connect to your computer. By running such agent, you understand and agree that a technician from CA-PC-FIX remotely operate your mouse and keyboard also view your screen in order to help to identify the issue and get the resolutions. You should close any windows that contains sensitive information. During the support session, if you feel uncomfortable or any other reason you need disconnect, you can simply click Disconnect on agent software or you can physically disconnect the network connection. Then you will gain you control again.

You can vision here to run the one-time agent. Please work with a technician to get the correct session code.

Contracted customers are qualified unattended remote support, which means there is agent running on your computer at background and waiting for the remote assistant/support without your involvement. That will give more flexibility to a support technician and improve efficiency.

Run Support Agent (by CA-PC-FIX)