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If you are looking for a reliable computer repair, network setup, server technical support / projects, or maintenance service , look no further. We provide our customers with a fast and reliable computer service for homes and businesses in the Great Vancouver lower mainland area. We are a local computer technical support business in Burnaby, BC and we repair computer desktops and laptops including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, MSI, Razer, Toshiba, and Sony etc. We do have rich experience to support network, firewall and servers for small - medium business. IT Managed services are available to you whenever you need it.

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Looking for parts? CA-PC-Fix is not a retail store. You can check our online store and place your order.


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CA-PC-FIX specializes in computer repair, data recovery and network set-up, server project and troubleshooting. Our mission is to provide highly attractive, innovative and creative information Technology Solutions and Technical Support for residentials and small-medium companies in the Great Vancouver area. We are a one-stop-shop and we offer customized computer repair and network/server solutions. We customize our solutions because we understand that every business is unique and we will find the plan that fits each client's specific needs.

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Residential Services:

  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Training
  • Hardware & Software Support
  • Virus, Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Laptop Desktop MacBook Break & Fix
  • Internet Setup, Security and Protection

Special Offers:

  • Windows Freeze Not Boot Issue
  • Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Gaming PC Custom Build
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Data Recovery (Level 1)
  • Windows 10 Upgrade
  • SSD RAM Upgrade

Small Business Services:

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News: Buy GPU and Get Money Back Program

Gamers, Student, Parents:

Owning a graphic card (GPU), you could get your full money back just keep it running MyMoneyBack app and get your full money back in 3 years*. 

We all know GPU is a valuable asset today but meantime it increases the gamer's cost to have fun because of the demand from the miners' community. CA-PC-FIX will bridge them together so it will significantly reduce gamers' cost to own a GPU.

How does it work?

    News: Video Graphics Card GPU Repair Service

    It is possible to get your GPU repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, New Westminster BC Canada in CA-PC-FIX now. Even though it has a long waiting time, at least you have a hope to save some cost and to eliminate the need to buy a new GPU right away.

    Repair time: 3-5 weeks (due to the delivery time)
    Cost: RTX 10xx 20xx ($280-$350) RTX 30XX (3060, 3070,3080,3090) ($340-$400). (for non-repairable GPU, returning card costs $80, free of charge if giving up the card)
    Repairability: Black screen, Wrong resolution, game shutting down/exit, unusual image, dots, bar, shadow, flashing, low fps, over heating.
    Exception: GPU Core defective (high cost and not worth repairing)(to be determined)
    How: Please book an appointment to dropoff your device.